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  • SQUARES – Bee Kind

    SQUARES – Bee Kind

    This is my Bee Kind vinyl decal that I created for my Etsy shop in July. Funny how “Kind” is the theme for October. It was inspired to remind people to be kind to one another through the tribulations of the pandemic and remind everyone that we are all in this together.

  • SQUAREs – Perspective – SeaGull

    SQUAREs – Perspective – SeaGull

    This was another moment I got down on my knees in the sand to capture a bird at eye level. He or she was a tricky one as he or she couldn’t make up his or her mind as to which way he or she wanted to go. The waves changed and started crashing up…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Rays of Light

    SQUARES – Perspective – Rays of Light

    Let the heavens open up! Layers of clouds with multi shades of warm yellows illuminate behind a dark storm cloud. The light opens up touching the earth below. I have attached the full image to open up the perspective of the full moment. Day 30 – Squares – Perspective Click the panel below to visit…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Elephant Booty

    SQUARES – Perspective – Elephant Booty

    Is this my good side? Check us out in black and white on Cee’s Black & White Challenge – Backs of Things from earlier this week. We can be found in person at the Jacksonville Zoo. Day 29 – Squares – Perspective Click the panel below to visit Becky’s site and the July Squares Photo…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Crowded?

    SQUARES – Perspective – Crowded?

    I took this photo several years ago at a Heart Walk fundraising event in Tampa, Florida. Quite the turnout, but are we seeing this today? In most places, no! While the riots are still going on, yes! The sad part about this perspective is no one needed to worry about wearing a mask, keeping their…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Boat Docks

    SQUARES – Perspective – Boat Docks

    Storm moving in and the Gulf of Mexico is beginning to get churned up. Some of these older docks don’t always withstand hurricanes, but they often get rebuilt until the next time. It is really nice to be standing out there feeling the breeze on your face, smelling the impending rain heading your way. Day…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Florida Palm Trees

    SQUARES – Perspective – Florida Palm Trees

    Sun is beginning to set stationed just behind the left palm tree over an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers, Florida a few years ago. This is paradise! Until a hurricane comes around. Enjoy it while you can because it will look totally different during a tropical storm or hurricane. Take the…

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Ponce Lighthouse

    SQUARES – Perspective – Ponce Lighthouse

    Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is the tallest in Florida at 175 feet (53.34 meters) high and the second tallest in the United States behind the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. It is equipped with a Third Order Fresnel lens and shines out 17 nautical miles (32 kilometers or 20 miles).

  • SQUARES – Perspective – FOTD – Chrysanthemum

    SQUARES – Perspective – FOTD – Chrysanthemum

    This gorgeous sweet smelling mum (the flower) was part of a bouquet at my mom’s funeral 6 years ago, but I found this photo while scouring through my archives and thought how pretty! I find the layers of this flower show the perspective of the living organism within.

  • SQUARES – Perspective – Fort Matanzas

    SQUARES – Perspective – Fort Matanzas

    Work started on the tower in the fall of 1740 by the Spanish to guard the Matanzas Inlet which was at the mouth of the Matanzas River and could provide a backdoor to the City Of St. Augustine. St. Augustine’s primary defense system was centered around Castillo de San Marcos, the main fort in the…