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  • SQUARES – Up Above Sea Level

    SQUARES – Up Above Sea Level

    This part of Death Valley is 282 feet (85.5 meters) below sea level. We were only part of the way down towards the bottom.

  • SQUARES – Super Fast

    SQUARES – Super Fast

    This is a Western Chipmunk found in the western part of North America. They eat vegetation, fungi, insects, arthropods, small frogs, worms and bird eggs. Occasionally, they will eat newly hatched birds.

  • SQUARES – 3 Fingers Up

    SQUARES – 3 Fingers Up

    These two characters were found in the Sonoran Desert not far from White Tank Mountain Park.

  • Sunday Stills – Happy Place – 10.18.20

    Sunday Stills – Happy Place – 10.18.20

    My happy place is being outside in nature with my hubby, Frank! I’m also happy when I’m with my kids and grandkids but haven’t seen 2 of my 3 kids and none of my grandkids since January of this year due to the pandemic. I get to Facetime with them, but that is it. So…

  • Sunday Stills – Fall Color Ochre – 10.11.20

    Sunday Stills – Fall Color Ochre – 10.11.20

    The feature image is the best and only photo I have of signs of fall. It was taken last September in Bozeman, Montana. In Florida, we don’t get the change with the red, orange & yellow until January when much of the rest of the country is in snow and ice. At that point, it…

  • SQUARES – The Hoppy Kind

    SQUARES – The Hoppy Kind

    This jackrabbit got spooked by us while we were bushwhacking up the side of a mountain in Death Valley National Park.

  • Sunday Stills – Dry – 10.04.20

    Sunday Stills – Dry – 10.04.20

    Artist Palette is on the face of the Black Mountains in Death Valley National Park. The colors are caused by oxidation of different metals, but it looks like an artist took a paintbrush to it. Artist’s Drive is 9 miles one way with curvy roads and towering mountains on either side.

  • SQUARES – Kinda Ready

    SQUARES – Kinda Ready

    Most honeymoons would not have the word “desert” as part of the festivities. I’m kinda weird!

  • SQUARES – Joshua Tree Sunset

    SQUARES – Joshua Tree Sunset

    Kinda cool sunset with the sunlight peeking through the clouds like a funnel over the desert mountains in an area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Joshua Tree stands in perfect contrast in the forefront.

  • Sunday Stills – Nature – East vs. West

    Sunday Stills – Nature – East vs. West

    Nature is a broad realm of the natural, physical and material things existing in our world and/or universe. It is a wide spectrum of living and non-living entities. For me, it is all about wildlife and the planet we call home. There is so much to explore that we can’t see it all in a…