Week One Is in the Books; Just Thirteen More to Go

Villanova has the right idea thinking outside the box and having student carry around their own portable chair. I thought this was brilliant!

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Well, it looks like we survived the first week back at school without having to reverse our plans.

And I think that’s all we can do, just focus on getting through one week at a time.

Besides a minor glitch right before school started, Villanova’s students seem to be following all the guidelines that have been asked of them – wearing masks and staying socially distant. I’ll admit that it is a bit odd teaching to a room full of students with masks on while wearing a mask myself, but after a while, you almost forget about the masks. And the smell of disinfectant is always in the air since the students clean their desks after each class with sanitizing wipes.

But those are fairly standard operating procedures during the pandemic.

There is one unique accommodation Villanova offered compared to other universities. and that is providing each student with a…

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7 responses to “Week One Is in the Books; Just Thirteen More to Go”

  1. Jen Goldie Avatar

    It’s a great idea! The School President seems determined!

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      I thought so too. My friend Jim is a teacher at Villanova & this was his blog. I thought it was brilliant!

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      1. Jen Goldie Avatar

        Yes it is brilliant! 🙂

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      2. Suzanne@PictureRetirement Avatar

        Thanks for explaining that, I was sooooo confused. Glad to see new practices working.

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  2. Heart to Heart Avatar

    Great use of portable chairs!

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      I know. I reblogged this from my friend Jim’s blog. Thought it was excellent! 😊

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  3. Jim Borden Avatar

    thanks for sharing!

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