Photo prompt round-up: Dance #writephoto

Another awesome week of talented writers for Sue Vincen’ts #WritePhoto.

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Veiled in morning mist

Echoes of an ancient past

Enchant the watchers

Drawn as one into the Dance

A dance of light unbroken


The photo for this week’s prompt was taken in Cornwall at the Merry Maidens stone circle, known in Cornish as Dans Maen the Stone Dance.  Legend says that a circle of maidens were turned to stone for dancing on the sabbath to the music of the Pipers… who were also petrified and now stand, a pair of monoliths some ten feet tall, a short distance away.

The legend is obviously a relatively modern one, as the maidens were punished for dancing on a day that is sacred in Christianity. But it may hold a clue to the rites once celebrated here when it was first built, between three and a half and four and a half thousand years ago.

The circle is part of a…

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5 responses to “Photo prompt round-up: Dance #writephoto”

  1. Sue Vincent Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the round up, Lisa 🙂


    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      You are so very welcome! I’m meeting new people and having a lot of fun and hopefully helping you and others find new readers??? 🙂


      1. Sue Vincent Avatar

        That is one of the benefits of joining a prompt 🙂

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      2. Lisa Coleman Avatar

        Yes mam! Lovin’ it! 💜


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