Ferruginous Hawk sitting atop a power pole just off Hwy 89 in Emigrant, Montana.

This image is from the archives of our vacation in September, 2019. After checking into our B&B at Paradise Gateway in Montana, we decided to take a late afternoon/early evening drive. The sun was beginning to reach the peak of the mountains. This Ferruginous Hawk sitting on top of an electrical pole caught our eye so we pulled over to get a better look, take some photos and identify it. It was a life bird for us. Turned out there were two of them feeding in the field adjacent Highway 89. What a way to start off this vacation!

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6 responses to “SQUARE TOPS – ON TOP OF THE WORLD – Hawk”

  1. John Avatar

    I’m glad the bird didn’t get zapped. 😎

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      That would have been a photo op! Sad but electrifying. Pun intended! 😂

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  2. BeckyB Avatar

    What a fabulous capture, and that would certainly start my holiday on a high 🙂

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    1. BeckyB Avatar

      PS My apologies for delay in visiting. For some reason WP isn’t sending me pingback notifications so hadn’t realised you have posted another top notch square

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      1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

        Seems WP has pingback issues all the time. No worries! Tops is perfect because we were constantly on top of the world while on vacation. 🥰

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