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…we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas – Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) (2010)

This was quite the controversy and I was appalled by it when it happened, however I try to appreciate the opinions of others. America is a free country and she had a right to say what she said. I just didn’t agree with it. I didn’t think President George Bush was doing a bad job, I just didn’t agree with all of his decisions. Still I was proud to be born and raised in the great State of Texas.

State of Texas

I have never been ashamed to call myself a Texan, and I’ve been proud to tell people I’m from the great state of Texas. The comments from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick regarding human safety vs. the economy, just pissed me off. Many seniors are forced into retirement either by their employers to bring in the new talent or because they have underlying medical conditions that will not allow them to continue. The fortunate ones who retire after working hard their entire lives, get to do the things they dreamed of like travelling, fishing, golfing or spending time with the grandchildren. Now, those folks who have sacrificed their entire lives to contribute to the economy need to get to work and sacrifice themselves for the future of big business???

Here is my own personal Quote of the Day!

If I could divorce my birth certificate I would!

Lisa Coleman (2020)

Senior Citizen lambs being led to slaughter
Senior Citizens Ready for Sacrifice

To be fair, Mr. Patrick is entitled to his opinion. As I stated, it’s a free country. The truth is, he’s not even a Texan. So maybe, I should give Texas a break. That being said, to speak irresponsibly and put millions of American civilians health and finances at risk is crossing the line. They didn’t sign up for this. They didn’t read a contract knowing what may happen to them in battle or on the front lines. This is a fight against an invisible enemy.

I have served my country my entire life. I started working when I was 15 to help support my family. I proudly served as a United States Marine for twelve years. I owned a successful small business and I still work full time (from home right now). I’m close to being a senior citizen. I’m married to a senior citizen and I have a granddaughter with chronic lung issues. Now, I’m supposed to put myself and my family at risk based on what a politician says.

Here’s a novel idea. Let’s listen to what the medical experts tell us is the best way to combat coronavirus so that we can get back to business once everyone is safe! Doing what Mr. Patrick suggest, according to the medical experts, would completely overwhelm our entire healthcare system, cause many unnecessary deaths, take much longer to get through and cause catastrophic financial losses.

On a personal and spiritual note, NO amount of money is worth sacrificing human lifes. We’re going to get through this America. Let’s do it the right way. Let’s love each other, even if it’s from a distance. Let’s support each other and have confidence in this great country that we will get through this. Let’s lace up our boots and tighten our belts. And as the Marine Corps Motto states, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)! Let’s just do it from a distance!

Speaking of sacrifice Mr. Patrick, what branch of the service did you serve in?

LONG LIVE THE DIXIE CHICKS! I’m glad they are back!


10 responses to “Quotes of the day – Texas”

  1. John Avatar

    Powerful words, thank you! 99% of politicians have the intelligence of a rat in my opinion.

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      Definitely scaled down to what I wanted to say.

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  2. J-Dub Avatar

    Great post Lisa! I’m embarrassed for us here in Texas sometimes. Lt Gov spouting off like he did. Hard hearted and cruel. I still can’t believe he said what he did.

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      Thanks! I was so mad. I edited the post 4 times before it was minus any real nasty things I couldn’t take back.

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      1. J-Dub Avatar

        You did good. I do the same when I’m really upset. I find people listen more when you make your point calmly. This was just the facts spot on.

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      2. Lisa Coleman Avatar

        Appreciate it. My daughter cracked up when she read my quote. Problem is, I’d get the divorce and then when things calm down or someone smarter is in charge, I want my birth rights back. 🤔

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  3. usfman Avatar

    Politicians today are not setting the proper example today to motivate us seniors to sacrifice. That being said, I’m volunteering to judge in high school poetry contests.

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      No they are not. I’m glad to hear you are volunteering which I assume it’s online judging? Love that it is high school poetry contest. Great way to give back.


  4. usfman Avatar

    Yes online judging of high school students – a somewhat alienated group for sure.

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