The magic behind being a’TOTAL DREAMER’.

This is an awesome positive post from fellow blogger Kelvin. Thought it was worth a share.


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”Being a total dreamer!” sounds quite weird, right?

Just the other day I witnessed something quite interesting…

I was sitting on the couch watching some blockbuster …my Dad had brought home some lottery tickets and there he was, so convinced that he would win the lottery…The conversation began to heat up as mum tried to drive sense into him that one has to be so tactical and used to this kind of lotteries in order to win.

For mum it was inherently impossible to win, but I was amused by Dad’s unshakable faith…He was so firm that no doubt he would win and this kept me thinking ” WOW THIS GUY MUST BE A TOTAL DREAMER🤔!!” andtruetohiswords, the next day the guy comes in dancing! HE HAD WON🤑🤑! Not that much though, but definitely enough to do at least something😊 …


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3 responses to “The magic behind being a’TOTAL DREAMER’.”

  1. Misteryously Avatar

    I’m a dreamer too 😊

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      I think most of us who write are that way. 😊


      1. Misteryously Avatar


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