Window – Thursday Inspiration 19 – Dorian

Potential path of Hurricane Dorian - August 29, 2019
Photo credit: The Weather Channel –
Hurricane in My Window

I look through my window
and what do I see?
A major hurricane
Coming for me.

Her name is Dorian
what shall I do?
Prepare for her wrath
As panic ensues.

Lines at the store
no water in site
before you know it, she's here
You will lose light.

Winds up to 130
surge comes through your door
all things you've worked for
Floats around on the floor.

Get out now
while the gettin' is good
or ride it out with the best of 'em
shouldn't or should?

Her power is mighty
Mother Nature at best
Not for us Floridians
Maybe go west.


6 responses to “Window – Thursday Inspiration 19 – Dorian”

  1. Skip Avatar

    Yep!!! Go west young lady, batten down the hatches, or take flight with your avian friends. Dorian may very well be a protracted rain event.

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      If it is only rain, we should be ok. Our house is over 30 ft above sea level.


  2. Zael Sealing Avatar
    Zael Sealing

    Gosh, this sounds scary, Lisa. You and your family are in my prayers!

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    1. Lisa Coleman Avatar

      Thank you. The prediction is unknown at this time but all of Florida is going to get some part of this one.


      1. Zael Sealing Avatar
        Zael Sealing

        Oh wow…take good care ❤


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